An note from the Founder of Body Fly Aerial Yoga

Dear Movement Enthusiast,

Since I have developed my first aerial approach “The Yoga Fly” in 2009, many things have happened about “aerial fitness” in Asia and throughout the world.

Back then, no-one knew about “flying on a hammock” and it was difficult to find equipments and even more – Instructors. So, I started to train people and share all specific know-how in order to let a wider audience be part of this amazing activiy and to ensure a safe and healty practice at the same time. 

After I had dedicated over 50 years of my life to professional body movement such as classical & contemporary dance, pilates, yoga and rehabilitation, it was very important to me to make this method safe for the body, and to focus on preventing common injuries and tension.

Therefore, Body Fly does not only consist of yoga exercises, but it combines all – Dance, Yoga and Pilates to a versatile, most effective workout.

From this seed of inspiration, a whole “World of Yoga Fly” opened up as we founded the “Body Fly International Academy”, we were able to develop a unique training curriculum, based on professional, state-of-the-art standards.

Nowadays we see that our efforts were well worth wile as the Body Fly repertoire & nomenclature have become widly used standards in the aerial community in Asia. Aerial fitness is worldwide becoming more popular every day and we are glad to continue our contribution to train highly skilled Instructors with the correct mindset to support a professional and safe practice of this wonderful movement.

Integrating now Body Fly International Academy into the Sana Motion Swiss Institute we believe that our students will further profit from the quality and professionalism of this global organization.

When I created YogaFly, I was inspired by the freedom and the beauty of playing in the air. 

The passion of this inspiration has lasted since the beginnings and it motivates me and our lovely team every day in our practice.

I wish you will be inspired too.

“Welcome to the playground”


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